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November 2021, The Union Street show, Millennium Building, Plymouth with Nudge.

October 2009, Cider Barn Gallery, Exeter, Joint exhibition.

July 2001, Hampton Court Palace, Centre piece for show garden in collaboration with Nuffield.

May 2000, Plymouth Aquarium, Solo exhibition in collaboration with Nuffield.

August 1999, British Medical Association Conference, Belfast, solo exhibition.

April 1999, The Gallery on Cork Street, London. Solo exhibition with private sponsor.

December 1998, The Ritz Hotel, London. Installation of two tree sculptures.

March 1998, The Gallery, Stoke Newington

June 1996, The Craft Gallery, Leeds City Gallery.

November 1995, Porch Gallery, Dawlish, Devon

August 1995, Cupola Galley, Sheffield

December 1994, Kilvert Gallery, Hay on Wye

November 1994, Olympia “At Home” exhibition.

October 1994, Smiths Gallery, Covent Garden, London

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